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The Vikings are seafaring people who have left behind a legacy of many ships and Viking cruise boats that take visitors on trips through Europe and the North Sea. Traveling on these magnificent vessels gives the chance to see how Viking settlement methods developed and to see some of the sites that were affected by the Vikings. One of the most famous ships, the Destinationuna, provides a unique opportunity to cruise along the North Sea coast of Germany and the Czech Republic. This vessel is fully equipped with a gym, sauna, steam rooms, a music room, a spa and a bar. The Destinationuna even has a restaurant that serves cuisine from all over the world.

Get Acquainted With Local Culture

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In April the Vikings chose to settle at the mouth of the Neckar, a stream that flowed through the woods near the Baltic Sea. From here they could cruise to the Gulf of Bothnia, and then further on to Scandinavia and England. During this period, our Norwegian cruise company chartered the Nith River from Stockholm, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark. At this point in time, our ships docked at the mouth of the Vestera River that flows through Skopelto, a village in the north of the Baltic Sea. Here, our night river cruise boats stopped in various places, including Bracno, on the Bracno Bay, and went on to Odense, Denmark; fter coming to Kalundborg, Denmark.

Gulf Of Mexico

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Visiting these ports was a great way for the Vikings to get acquainted with local culture and to learn about life in their home countries. It was during this period that they began their long travels as far away as Iceland and Canada. The next stop that they made was the North Sea where they voyaged as far as the Gulf of Mexico. Visiting these ports was a great way for the Vikings to become acquainted with local cultures as well as to find a breeding ground for the next generation of Viking warriors. It was also from these ports that the Vikings took their first true ship and set out across the ocean.

Odense, Denmark

Now, back to our last stop of the Viking cruise boats in Odense, Denmark. While here, we wanted to pay a visit to one of their world-renowned attractions, the Odense Botanical Gardens. While here, we did spend some time looking at the magnificent cherry trees, as well as other flowers and trees. While on this trip, we met with the charming owner, as well as learning some of the history of this lovely garden. And while at it, we even got to take a look at a few of their fine wines that are made right here in Odense, Denmark!

As mentioned before, the main attraction of Odense is its beautiful botanical gardens. Here, you will see trees such as the black cherry, the white and red maples, and the Odense lilacs. While all these trees are quite lovely, the highlight of the Odense botanical gardens lies in a little statue of an ancient swan. This shows off just how deep our roots go. And we didn’t forget to check out the Odense River, which flows through the middle of the park.


I can honestly say that this was one of my most enjoyable times while in Odense. It was great to see so many historical sites as well as the local culture. As soon as we got home, we packed up our gear and made our way back to Budapest. We took a few days’ holiday shopping before returning to our Odense cruise ship. When we got back, I packed up my bags and headed towards Minsk. Well done, my friend, you have just had a cruise through one of the most scenic rivers in Europe!

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