Sunset Dinner Cruise Date in Manila Bay

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A dinner cruise in Manila is not a new thing. It’s been a date activity for quite some time now. Sunset Dinner Cruise and Manila Bay sunset is one of the most popular cruises that people flock to when they want to enjoy a nice dinner and watch the sun go down.

If you are wondering what kind of experience can you expect from this cruise, joining a Sunset Dinner Cruise in Manila would give you a chance to experience different cuisines from various restaurants across Metro Manila. The cruise also serves as an event venue where it showcases several performances from singers and dancers from a different country!

But what can you enjoy during the sunset dinner cruise in Manila Bay? There are several things that you will surely love about this dinner cruise. Some of these are listed below.

Experience watching Sun Set in Manila Bay while enjoying mouthwatering food and great entertainment!

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Experience a whole new way of enjoying your dinner. Aside from being served in a restaurant, you can also have a buffet-style dinner with different kinds of cuisines! Experience the best Manila has to offer! From sunset views and great food—in one dining event. The cruise is perfect for intimate dates, family dinners, or even a casual night out with friends.

As we all know, food is one of the most important things to consider. When it comes to organizing any event such as weddings, dinners with business associates, family reunions, and even a simple date night, people would always expect to be served food that they can enjoy while socializing with other people.

The good news is, when it comes to sunset dinner cruise in Manila Bay, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right food for your guests because the cruise offers a wide selection of dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s palate!

Aside from being served food while enjoying the views, it has another kind of entertainment such as live music and dancing. Watch both your favorite singers and dancers perform in front of you while you eat. Experience a whole new way of enjoying your night out in Manila!

Experience Manila Bay Sunset from the best spot – OnBoard!

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The onboard experience of watching the Manila Bay sunset while enjoying your dinner cruise is truly something that would make your night even more memorable. It will surely be a night that you will never forget.

The dinner cruise has different cuisines. So whether you are in the mood for Italian or Chinese or just good old grilled food, any dish would suit your taste!

Ticket Prices and Schedules for Sunset Dinner Cruise in Manila Bay

If you want to purchase tickets for a dinner cruise in Manila bay, expect that they are not cheap. The good news is, there is a promo where you can purchase your tickets at a budget-friendly rate! Check out the prices and schedules of the Sunset Dinner Cruise below.

Sunset Dinner Cruise in Manila Bay is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM. It has a duration of 2 hours.

They also have a Facebook page! Where they update their customers about news and promos. You can check out the page at

So what are you waiting for now? Give yourself a chance to experience the wonderful Sunset Dinner Cruise in Manila where you can enjoy different kinds of cuisines and watch the sun go down at the same time!

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