Jobs On Cruise Ships – What Kind Of Jobs Are Available

jobs on cruise boats

In fact, the pay can be so good that many employees will choose a cruise job over a more traditional one just to make the money. Getting a job on a cruise ship is very rewarding. Here are some of the jobs on cruise ships that people can get.

A Deck Worker is the most common job on any ship. They work in the kitchens and bathrooms. Their duties include cleaning up the mess, running the water source, and cleaning the deck. This job also includes cleaning the bathroom after guests have gone off the ship. However, this job does not require a high school diploma.

Working On The Bridge

A large ship in a body of water

If you are interested in working on the Bridge, your chances are good that the job description of your job will be very different from the deck worker’s job description. A Bridge employee is responsible for watching the Captain and his staff as well as the other passengers. They must also keep an eye on things such as the steering, lifeboats, and engines. The Bridge job description usually requires at least a high school diploma. Many Bridge jobs also require that you have at least a master’s degree.

There are other jobs on a Cruise ship that do not require a high school education. One of these is the Deck Technician. These workers are responsible for installing equipment on the Bridge. This includes but is not limited to installing safety railing systems, lighting, and electrical wiring. Some of these jobs also come with additional responsibilities such as cleaning the Engine Compartments. You may also be required to help maintain the ventilation system, like cleaning the air conditioning systems and making sure everything is working correctly.

The Cruise Attendant

A large ship in a body of water

The next type of job on a Cruise ship is the Cruise Attendant. The job description of this job pretty much covers the same ground as the Bridge job description. The only real difference is that an Attendant’s job involves assisting guests with their needs. For example, an Attendant would assist a guest with a seat if that is where they need it. They may also be called upon to help a guest into a stateroom.

Another type of job that you may find on a Cruise ship is the Cruise Medical Assistant. This job description pretty much sums up the work of a Medical Assistant. They are responsible for making sure that a passenger’s medical needs are being met throughout the duration of the trip.

The Cruise Reservation Agent

One other job that you may find on a Cruise Ship is the Cruise Reservation Agent. This is a job that deals solely with reserving a room on a Cruise ship. In order to qualify for this job, you will need to have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. Along with your degree, you will also need to pass a background, drug and background check. This job will require some experience in either the hospitality or tourism industry.

There are other jobs on Cruise Ships that are listed on the job description, but you can expect that most of them relate to assisting passengers with their needs. The jobs that deal directly with the operation of a Cruise ship also tend to have a lot of responsibility. 

Final Words

You may find that a Nurse or a Medical Assistant may be needed to staff the facilities. Some of the more common jobs on board are Medical Assistant, Deck Hand, Portrait Manager, Cruise Staff and the likes.

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