Growth Rate Trends in Cruise Ship Stock

cruise ship stock

There’s no denying that cruise ship deals make for good business. Even with a relatively slow economy in the US, more travellers than ever before are making the move to get away and head to a cruise ship in a more distant future. The cruise ship business is not immune to the downturn in the economy. Indeed, it has been hit hard by the downturn in travel demand. But cruise ship stocks are still high – and that means good business for shareholders.

Disney Cruises, one of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines, has seen its shares increased by almost 14% over the past year. That puts Disney in the stock index for blue-chip stocks, and that’s not even considering the latest flap about the cruise liner having found dangerous materials on board. Disney Cruise lines have long been known for their environmentally friendly approach to travel, and it’s hard to think that the company would be changing course now, as it looks to capitalize on the “green” movement ahead of next summer. In fact, even as cruise ship stocks get a boost, Disney Cruise’s stock price is still remarkably low when compared with other cruise lines.

Cruise Ship Stock

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While there may be some ups and downs in the cruise industry, the cruise line industry is fairly immune to the ups and downs that affect other passenger airlines. For example, although American Airlines and Delta Airlines have done a lot to try and reduce emissions, the cruise lines have been doing what they can to improve efficiency, so that they can serve up to their customers an environmentally friendly itinerary. And because the cruise lines have to get away from the land-based airport facilities and run their ships out of state ports, they’re also well positioned to get better pricing for fuel, since they’re able to charge based on weight, and not on miles. As a result, they can afford to offer better pricing on tickets.

Another factor that has helped the Disney Cruise line stocks to remain so low is the fact that the economy has actually been slowing down, rather than being on the edge. The slowdown in the economy means that the world’s economy is slowing down as well, and so the demand for carnival tickets is not quite as large as it used to be. This means that the companies who operate the carnivals are not as busy, and therefore aren’t having to pass on the good pricing that cruise ship passengers can receive.

Dig Into Some More Details

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Of course, there’s one more reason why Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines are less affected by the recession. These companies both have enormous financial portfolios, meaning that they have the money available to continue making big dividends. It’s not as if either of them will be forced to wind down operations – even though they might be forced to reduce the number of sailings or the size of the ships.

If you’re an investor who wants to make a profit from Carnival and Norwegian cruise line cruises, it’s important that you think about what these two companies have in common. They have both an American and a Canadian automobile manufacturer. That means that Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines can offer you more variety when it comes to car types. For example, you’ll find more SUV and crossover types on a Carnival cruise ship than on a Norwegian cruise ship.


This is important for two reasons. First of all, there’s no reason why cruises should only be accessible by those who can afford an oceanfront cabin and a first-class meal. A good cruise ship vacation can be enjoyed by anyone. However, cruises also offer a unique travel experience, which is why a growing number of people are booking them instead of traditional air tours or land-based tours. When you combine the growth rate of Carnival and Norwegian cruise ship shares with the ability of these companies to offer a unique travelling experience, you end up with a great investment opportunity.

As long as there are ships in the sea, there will always be demand for them. That means booking a Carnival or a Norwegian cruise ship stock can be one of the best ways to maximize profits as these cruise giants continue to grow. With the right research, you may also be able to realize a nice profit from your investment in the cruise industry.

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