Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer

Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer

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Wondering where to go this summer but bored with the regular vacation options? Try going on cruises Carnival has to offer!

Carnival Cruise is an American cruise line company and ranked as one of the top ones in the USA. Carnival is reputed for its vibrant cruises and provides endless options for entertainment. The cruise liners are often fitted with swimming pools, comedy clubs, spas, waterslides, bars, night clubs – enough fun activities to keep you occupied!

With over 25 ships leaving from the US to sought after destinations around the globe, cruisers can pick their choice of vacation spots. Some of the popular destinations include Mexico, Jamaica, and Hawaii, among others. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular cruiser, add a dose of excitement by trying out these unique destination cruises Carnival has.

1. The Bahamas: Cruises Carnival

Who hasn’t always wanted to go to the Bahamas? The beautiful beaches, fringed with a series of palm trees and endless sun, are perfect for those searching for a chance to relax. The Bahamas offers incredible beaches, coral reefs, towns, and woodland – all waiting to be explored!

Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer
Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer

2. Hawaii

As a State comprising of only islands, each island has something unique to offer. Take the cruise Carnival has to Maui this summer and immerse yourself in the beauty of the islands. From gushing waterfalls, scenic beaches, and captivating history, Hawaii has more than just beauty to offer.

3. Mexico

Think tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and nachos – Mexico is brimming with delicious food! Apart from the culinary delights, Mexico is bustling with culture, art, travel and wildlife explorations – and the cruises Carnival offers help you reach there.

4. Bermuda

Enchant yourself with the pink sand beaches and historical attractions that Bermuda showcases. For all the history buffs – Bermuda offers a rich heritage of naval history. Take note, you may find yourself lounging around in beach shorts most of the time in the summer. It’s an all-year destination spot, so whenever you feel like, pick up those backpacks and book cruises Carnival has!

5. Jamaica: Cruises Carnival

One of the Caribbean island nations, Jamaica has more than just pretty beaches to offer. One could spend their time basking in the sun and also go on adventure-packed activities there. Listen to some live Reggae music or go on an exciting scuba diving trip – it’s your pick!

Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer
Top 6 Summer Destination Cruises Carnival Has To Offer

6. Aruba

When you think Caribbean, you don’t exactly think the Netherlands. That’s what makes it the perfect destination for cruisers looking to go someplace offbeat. The best cruises Carnival has can take you to this rich island full of culture. Photograph the colorful architecture and feel blown away by the colorful scenery. Sample some of the best seafood Aruba has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

So, what are you waiting for? Go solo or with friends and family, these destination cruises will not disappoint. With a range of destinations to pick and choose from, this summer, feed that travel bug within you and set off on the most unforgettable trip of your life!

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