Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take

Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take

Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take

When temperatures shoot up along the East Coast, Bermuda is the popular destination every traveler interested in. You can find different Cruises Bermuda which offers the best features and deals. Moreover, this travel-friendly destination attracts millions of tourists with famous gold and pink sand beaches.

Bermuda is an amazing location with turquoise waters and pink sands. In addition, the crystal clear pools and pastel-painted buildings hint us the territory by British.

The best time to visit Bermuda is during April and May. However, the colder weather during months between December and March prohibits cruising. You can do different activities across the shores of Bermuda like snorkeling, fishing, and sailing. There are stalactites formations which you can enjoy.

Cruises Bermuda You Can Hop On

There are different cruises available to travel to Bermuda from New York, Baltimore, and other cities. However, cruises like Norwegian Dawn provide short trips to explore Bermuda for 4 to 5 nights. You can check the following cruises for planning a trip to Bermuda.

Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take
Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take

1. Norwegian Gem

It is one of the popular cruising lines to Bermuda from Manhattan. Further, this cruise can take 5 days to explore Bermuda and return to New York. This has the best amenities like entertainment, sports clubs, and casino for adults.

In addition, the cabins are available as suites and refitted Haven for a comfortable stay. The longer itinerary option allows you to explore the complete shores of Bermuda.

2. Norwegian Escape Cruises Bermuda

This is another cruise line offered by Norwegian to Bermuda from New York. The ship sails across King Wharf on its 5 days itinerary. However, the number of days can be vague for certain people who wish to travel for leisure. On the other hand, if you are tripping to Bermuda for a complete exploration, then this is the best.

Many features are offered for the crew passengers like exceptional dining and bar facilities, options for clubbing, and other entertainment categories. On this Escape cruise, there are different things to try you can purchase.

3. Royal Caribbean Cruises

This cruise sets its course from East Coast to the Bermuda island oasis for the best sea-sailing experience. In addition, it offers the best itinerary options like visiting Royal Navy Dockyard, cruise to Bermuda and dip under the blue seas of Horseshoe Bay Beach.

In addition, they give the options for hiking the Railway Trail and snorkel around the shipwrecks under the ocean.

Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take
Cruises Bermuda: 4 Planned Cruises You Must Take

4. Empress Of The Seas Cruises Bermuda

It is another cruise from Royal Caribbean Cruises to the oasis of Bermuda. This cruise sails from Cape Liberty (Bayonne) through Hamilton and St.George to reach Bermuda in seven days. If you are looking for a small cruise with a few people, then this is what you should choose.

There are several features offered for passengers like window seating and other personalized services. Further, this cruise can be booked for family occasions and events to go private.

To sum up, multiple cruise lines take you to the blue seas of Bermuda. If you are willing to take a short vacation, then this is the best choice.

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