Cruise Ship Captain Job Roles And Their Salary

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Who Are The Cruise Ship Captains?

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Cruise ship captains are known as the master of the ship. The Hotel Manager, Cruise director, chief engineer, and all the staff available on the ship report to the captain. Captains are responsible for the safety of the ship and all the people on the ship. They command the overall operation, crew members, and safety of the Cruise ship, working with all the staff, the captain. Ensure protocols are followed, and safety measures are practiced by the captain. They also have duty  for loading and unloading passengers on the ship. They put themselves on call 24/ 7 during their tour of Duty which lasts for months. They not only need to know how to handle the cruise ship in open water and during bad weather, but also  have to know how to socialize with passengers on the ship by having small talks and hosting dinner parties. This job requires either a graduation degree at merchant marine academy or equivalent job experience as well as an additional license required by all the states. This job goes well with the individuals having interests in boats, travel, and naval science. For becoming a cruise ship captain, you have to pay your duties at sea so that they consider you for a cruise ship captain position. With entry-level experience, you will get the position that includes serving as a deckhand, a first officer, and learning captainship; then, after getting the experience, you will become a cruise ship captain. Some cruise ship captains start their career journey in the military before they work in the commercial.

Average Salary Of Cruise Ship Captain Worldwide

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The salary of a Cruise ship captain depends on their job role, responsibilities, and vessel size. On joining time, the salary of Cruise ship captain is low, but they are getting higher salaries as they start gaining working experience. From a worldwide survey in 2017, it was found that in Starting, the average pay of a cruise ship captain was $80,970. The highest earners of that time earn $138,620, and the lowest salary

reported for cruise Captains was $35,640. Water transportation captains have the highest earning potentials. Their salary depends on the boat and cargo influences. The salaries continue to grow in this field as companies recognize that good people are not easily available and need to be retained, so you will get a good salary and also incentives as you get experience.


Cruise ship captains receive substantially more than the average airline pilots annual salary. Even the shipping industry is being buffeted by poor vessel earnings and rising costs; the salaries continue to rise. Also, the Job opportunities for cruise ship captains are scheduled to rise by upcoming times. Worldwide countries like Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Louisiana have the greatest number of positions available for this job.

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