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tips for cruise

There’s a specific been-there-done-that aspect to many Tips for cruise. Unless they’ve booked an outlier like a Galapagos expedition ship or a port-intensive, low-occupancy river cruise in Europe, passengers on large mass-market ships enjoy a similar experience:

  • Rush to the port.
  • Board the boat.
  • Have a blast with 4,000 new best friends.
  • Disembark.

However, there are a variety of methods to spice up your next cruise. The following are seven of them:

Get There the Night Before — and Extend the Fun.

Although it may appear simple, hundreds of cruisers miss the boat each year due to delayed flights, traffic, severe weather, and other unforeseen issues. Others cling to the rails by the skin of their teeth, gasping and yelling at each other. Who needs that kind of anxiety? By flying or driving into your port city the night before, you can avoid pre-departure nerves while also adding a day to your holiday.

Say ‘Bon Voyage’ in Style.

A large empty room

Nothing kicks off a vacation like a bit of extravagance, and cruise lines are delighted to oblige — plus, your better half will think you’re a hero. When you check-in, most cruise lines have gift packages waiting for you in your cabin. For example, Holland America provides everything from a champagne-and-balloon box (about $25) to a dozen long-stemmed roses (around $45) to add a touch of floral panache to your stateroom.

Stay Away from the Pool.

The Royal Caribbean Allure from this Seas can accommodate 6,360 people at total capacity, with many of them focusing on the ship’s pools. Mega-ships, on the other hand, only have a fraction of the seats required to accommodate everyone. As a result, a mass of humanity is sunbathing in unison on chairs they have claimed early and will not relinquish. Instead, avoid the commotion. Adult-only facilities are available on most new ships, some with pools, and are virtually always less crowded.

Eat on Your Terms

A small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Many major cruise lines (except Norwegian) continue to encourage scheduled group eating. Go ahead and make small chats with identical strangers every night at the same hour if that’s your thing. However, there are numerous ways to break up the monotony: If the ship arrives late in port, go for a walk and have dinner, preferably something local. 

Order room service breakfast (which is usually included) and enjoy a picnic on your balcony. Make a reservation at a specialty restaurant that has an extra cost; for example, tapas at Qsine, a popular spot on the newer Celebrity ships known for its quirky presentation and iPad menus, will put you back approximately $40 per person (far less than if you paid for a similar meal on dry land).


Cruising is a fantastic view to see the islands of Hawaii. A cruise offers a peaceful way to see the majority of Hawaii’s tropical ports without the hassle of flying from island to island. Tips for cruise can be beneficial to you.There’s also nothing quite like sailing among Hawaii’s islands and taking in stunning coastal scenery by day and night glimpses of the lava flow.

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