Carnival Boat Names - Your Perfect Choice Of A Name -

Carnival Boat Names – Your Perfect Choice Of A Name

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Carnival Corporation & plc is an English-American cruise company, the world’s largest cruise leisure company, having a combined fleet of more than 100 ships across 10 different cruise line carriers. It is one of the largest cruise lines in Europe and serves travelers throughout the world with some of the finest amenities and entertainment. Cruises are conducted on all parts of the globe, visiting exotic ports and embarking on multi-destination cruises to popular destinations like Spain, Greece, Egypt, Portugal, Italy and more.

Air The Original Music

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The company has special partnership agreements with all its participating cruise ships, which give the right to use certain sailing and partying songs as well as the right to air the original music. However, carnivals are not allowed on any of the Carnival cruise ships. The company offers two distinctive methods for naming its cruise ships, namely, use of adjectives that best describe the destination and create an all-embracing name, which is very similar to a carnival. These types of naming ideas are not only used on Carnival cruise ships, but also for all its other ships.

Some of the company’s most well-known ships and boat names are the Carnival Triumph, Celebrity Cruise Center, Caribbean Cruises Celebrity, Freight Star, Holland America Celebrity, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Seabourne, Crystal and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. These magnificent and colorful ship names have earned them millions of loyal fans around the world. Their uniqueness and quality of service have also earned them a great reputation.

Ship Nicknames

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Some of the company’s ships also receive nicknames from their passengers and from the outside world. Names like Chaos, Regicide, Vanishing, Flash, Vicious, and Under the Gun are just a few of the nicknames given to these magnificent ships. Most of the nicknames stem from the fact that the guests would usually be confined to a particular stateroom and there would be some form of chaos going on in that room.

Celebrity Cruise Center

However, the Carnival Triumph, Celebrity Cruise Center, Caribbean Cruises Celebrity, Freight Star, and Holland America Celebrity have won awards for their outstanding service, excellent cuisine, comfort, entertainment, and ports. And these awards are not only given based on these results alone. An entire staff and a crew of over 1000 people work on these cruise ships – making sure that each passenger gets the best possible trip every time. These activities may range from going shopping on the shore to going on a treasure hunt or a dolphin watching adventure. It is not surprising then that when the ship sails out into the seas, everyone enjoys themselves to the maximum. Carnival is the ultimate in luxury.

Final Words

Another well-known and popular name is the Fantasy. This is the flagship of Carnival’s brand of water transportation – ships that leave San Diego and arrive in many parts of the US, including California and Florida. The name suggests that the Fantasy is nothing less than a wonder of the natural world – a ship that leaves San Diego with its graceful gliding grace and enters into the sea. It is no surprise that Fantasy names are so popular – after all, it is almost impossible to turn around such a name. A wonderful excursion on this glorious vessel would surely be an unforgettable experience.

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