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Is your family happy and healthy? Are they packing for a trip soon, but worried about how to prepare for the trip? There are a few simple things you can do to keep them all healthy and happy during their vacation. Gets The Early Family Fare Ad Sending To Your Email Now!

Early Family Fare Ad

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Send an early family fare ad today to your friends, family and co-workers. What’s on your mind? Does your family enjoy going on the weekends or doing their own grocery shopping at the end of the week? How long have they been planning to take a weekend or a shopping trip ahead of time? Maybe there is a new addition to the family or maybe they have been considering getting away for a few days with the family.

An early family fare ad is important because it tells everyone in your social network about your event. You want everyone to know about your party, the great food you will serve and the fun special deals you have available. If someone in your network mentions that they have not heard about this great party before, they are going to tell their family and their friends and this creates a snowball effect.

Local Grocery Store

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This same idea works when you are thinking about sending out the current ad circulars. Every week people look at the ads for the local grocery store they frequent and see the great sales, they have to choose from. They might have already decided that they need to go ahead and make the trip even though they already have a plan. Send out your family fare ad just as an invitation to visit our favorite grocery store.

The current ads are not going to stay fresh if people do not take them seriously. They will either ignore your ad or they will consider it silly to go to the grocery store in September with the best deals of the year. Your ads need to have some punch to be effective so consider taking your current ads and making some changes. Maybe there is a better deal at the grocery store that you did not even notice. Sending out two separate family fares ads in September is sure to bring in more customers than just one ad.

Additional Circular

Consider making an additional circular that includes not only the specials ad for the current week but also the coupons you will be offering in September. The best thing about using an ad preview is that it will allow you to change anything that does not work. You can quickly look at the ads and find that they are not going to make the cut. Send out a new ad preview with all of the latest changes and you will see an increase in sales. It might take a few tries to get everything to work but your customers will appreciate it.


The best deals will always come around during the week of holidays. It is best to keep your ad running until the start of the next week. You will usually find that shoppers are more likely to come back if they have some kind of warning. If there is not a holiday coming up, you may find that customers are more apt to wait out the holiday season because of the best deals. Send out one coupon per family and use the best offers to attract the most shoppers. Ad planning can really pay off when you are looking for the best deals on ads this year.

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